(CAODC) July 01, 2015 Recommended Wage Rates for Drill Crew Personnel


The following is the recommended Canadian hourly wage schedule by CAODC Canadian Association of Drilling Contractors as of July 01, 2015 (based on land rigs working an 84 hour work week).


Job Title Rate (Approx)
Driller $44.80 or 46.80 /hr or $4659.20 or 4867.20 /wk
Asst. Driller $40.00 or 41.50 /hr or $4160.00 or $4316.00/wk
Derrickhand $38.00 or 39.50 /hr or $3952.00 or 4108.00/wk
Motorhand $33.00 or 34.00 /hr or $3432.00 or 3536.00/wk
Floorhand $30.70 /hr or $3192.80/wk
Leasehand $28.00 /hr or $2912.00/wk

* In addition to the above recommended wages a subsistence rate of pay described below.*

The normal rotation working land rigs in Alberta is two weeks on and one week off. Employees can expect to work 12 hour days for a total of 84 hours a week. Hourly pay is based on 44 hours regular time and 40 hours overtime. In addition to normal pay employees who qualify for subsistence can expect to receive Camp pay of $50.00/day or $350.00/wk and Non-Camp $140.00/day or $980.00/wk $17.50 is non-taxable*.

*Non-taxable if the individual is 80 kilometres from his principal residence, for at least 36 hours, and the rig is 30 kilometres or more from a city of at least 40,000 people. *Wages are expected to rise for both land and offshore drilling rigs with the economy picking up and baby boomers retiring. Drilling Contractors will be competing with wages, benefits and working conditions to obtained trained and experienced drilling personnel. The best time ever to join this industry is now!!!* We at MDS have the tools and resources to help get you there!!! Benefits are normally very good working in both environments. REMEMBER: "a good days work for a good days pay" and "accidents are preventable."